Ellen van Loo

Ellen Van Loo

Wageningen University & Research
Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group


Focus of the project

My project is focused on guiding and enabling consumers to make healthy decisions with respect to food purchases. For example, nudges or boosts such as information provided at the time of purchase may help consumers to make a healthier decision. The type of information (e.g., food labeling), framing, social norm messages, changes in the choice architecture, colors and other visual biases of this information can steer consumers towards a better decision.

While buying food online is an emerging trend, little research has investigated potential interventions in online grocery store environments. Online shopping environments allow for many new innovative digital tools for encouraging better dietary choices.

Key research question

How can we motivate and encourage consumers to make healthier food choices?

• How can behavioral and informational tools can guide consumers towards healthier and more sustainable food purchases in an online shopping environment?
• How can IT -tools (e.g, mobile phone apps, handscanners, VR, augmented reality, wearables, sensor and feedback) assist in making healthier food choices in the brick-mortar stores?
• How can personal (health) information collected by real-time sensors lead to behavioral change in food purchases?
• How can we implement personalised advice and guidance that consumers will act upon?

Collaboration partners

Monique Simons (WUR-CHL, P&P)
Arnout Fischer (WUR-MCB, P&P)