Guenter Wallner

Günter Wallner

Eindhoven University of Technology / Industrial Design / Systemic Change

Focus of the project

I’m assisting in the project from Max Birk with the TU/e running team.

Working with 150 participants from the TU/e running team, the focus of our project leverages existing sensors and behavioural assessment approaches to design personal interventions and increase the activity of recreational runners. While the impact of the intervention will be on an individual level, we are integrating the social support system of recreational runners (Family/Group level) in our research project by providing weekly tasks to our runners aiming to involve their supporters.

The research project primarily researches intervention design with the goal to increase adherence (WP3). Using sensors and questionnaires, we will also gain insights into motivational aspects such as self-regulation or experienced self-determination that will provide insights into individual differences of training behaviour that are relevant for behavioural assessment (WP2). The use of commercially available sensors in the context of our study will allow us to gain further insights into recreation runners’ sensor use during marathon preparation (WP1).

Key research question

How do digitally delivered tasks aiming to involve a social support group during Marathon preparation affect training adherence pre-marathon, marathon performance, and post-recovery?

Collaboration partners

Jos Kraal – TUD
Roelof De Vries – UT
Pieter van Gorp ( – TUE
Steven Vos – TUE
Aarnout Brombacher – TUE