Mailin Lemke

Mailin Lemke

TU Delft / Industrial Design / Food & Eating Design Lab

Focus of the project

I focus on two different topics in my research. The first topics centres around eating alone and using digital devices while doing so. A human-centered design perspective will be used to develop an understanding for the user requirements and context of use, create suitable design solutions, and test the prototype(s) in a real-world context.

The second topic that I currently focus on is the human experience of disgust and how it could be used to contribute to healthier food consumption. The project is structured as a critical design project and will show manifestations of potential ways to use disgust. Results will be presented in a public space to allow a discussion around the ideas and acceptable domains of disgust to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Key research question

How do solo diners use ICT devices while eating at home or in a public space?

What are the motivations and barriers for solo diners to use ICT devices while eating?

How could a design contribute to a healthier lifestyle among solo diners using ICT devices while eating at home/in a public space?

How can ‘disgust’ play a role in promoting healthier eating behaviours?

Collaboration partners

Rick Schifferstein (TUD, P&P)
Boudewijn Boon (TUD, P&P)
Merijn Bruijnes (TUD, P&P)
Bas de Boer (Twente, P&P)