Mailin Lemke

Mailin Lemke

TU Delft / Industrial Design / Food & Eating Design Lab

Focus of the project

I work on projects including:

  1. The experience of disgust in the context of promoting a healthier food consumption including the perception of obesity and use of the emotion as part of health campaigns
  2. The experience of solo diners and how they use information and communication devices as part of the eating experience
  3. The use of a self-experimentation protocol to promote a sustainable health behaviour change
  4. The operationalisation of social comparison as part of persuasive technology

Key research question

  1. How could disgust be used to promote a healthier food consumption?
  2. How is disgust embedded in the perception and promotion of ‘making healthy food choices the easy choice’?
  3. How do solo diners use ICT devices as part of the eating experience?
  4. How is social comparison currently operationalised as part of persuasive technology applications?
  5. How can self-experimentation promote a sustainable behaviour change?

Collaboration partners

Rick Schifferstein (TUD, P&P)
Boudewijn Boon (TUD, P&P)
Merijn Bruijnes (TUD, P&P)
Marina Bos de Vos (TUD, P&P)
Jos Kraal (TUD, P&P)
Bas de Boer (Twente, P&P)
Roelof de Vries (Twente, P&P)