Marina Bos-de Vos

Marina Bos-de Vos

TU Delft

Focus of the project

In my work, I aim to get a better understanding of how actors from different organizations deal with potential value tensions and synergies when collectively working on health innovations. I take into account both the values that people and groups have as their guiding principles, as well as the value, consisting of qualities with worth, they aim to create together. My core aims are to: 1) further advance knowledge of value co-creation, value capture and business modelling in complex multi-stakeholder projects; and 2) translate theoretical insights into practical tools and guidelines that can assist students and practitioners in successfully contributing to the co-creation of value for diverse stakeholders and a reconfiguration of the healthcare ecosystem.

Within P&P, I will specifically work on the development of a digital life course care platform and rudimentary digital twin prototype that can help individuals to be and stay healthy over the course of their life by assisting in the prevention of chronic conditions through life style changes. In collaboration with Erasmus MC and P&P partners, knowledge about the medical determinants of chronic conditions will be combined with insights into how individuals and the people or organizations they depend on are motivated to make and stimulate healthy decisions.

Key research question

Which values do different actors pursue in healthcare innovation projects, how do these relate to and influence each other and evolve over time?

Which value tensions and synergies do actors in healthcare innovation projects encounter, how do they deal with these, and which effects do their strategies have?

How can practitioners (and students) be facilitated in designing for diverse – potentially competing – values in healthcare innovation projects?

How to design, implement and scale a digital twin in healthcare, using a life course approach and sustainable ecosystem perspective?

Collaboration partners

University of Twente: Bas de Boer
Wageningen University: Elske Brouwer
TU Delft: Jos Kraal, Mailin Lemke, Merijn Bruijnes, Ki-Hun Kim, Maaike Kleinsmann, Richard Goossens, Valentijn Visch
Erasmus MC: Régine Steegers, Lenie van Rossem, Babette Bais
Erasmus University: Ellen Loots
VU University: Fleur Deken