Marlou Lasschuijt

Marlou Lasschuijt

Wageningen University & Research
Division of Human Nutrition and Health Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour group

Focus of the project

To determine food intake and eating behavior we are dependent on food intake diaries or lab observations. These methods require effort and motivation of the participant or eating is taken out of context in case of lab-measures. To be able to study this in a reliable, less intrusive manner we will work on automated dietary intake and eating behavior measures using new (versions of) technologies. These technologies will then be used to determine eating behavior and food intake in real life settings. We will be able to measure meal type and size, bite size and eating- and chewing rate, all factors that have been shown to be involved in both under- and over eating.

Key research questions

Development of new tools to automate measures of food intake and eating behavior in a laboratory setting.

Further development of these tools to be used at home.

Collaboration partners

UTwente, automated measures of food intake and eating behavior comparing a lab setting with a living room (shared dinner table) setting.

TUE, Food volume (and type) recognition using photo or video recordings.