Roelof de Vries

Roelof de Vries

University of Twente / Biomedical Signals and Systems group

Focus of the project

Designing and operationalizing (social) interventions for technology that support diet/nutrition behavior change and can be tailored to the individual characteristics of the user. The focus is on finding theoretical and empirical support for interventions and characteristics of influence on diet/nutrition behavior change, and possibly to extend or enrich existing theories and models on behavior change. Of special interest are ways in which we can extend or enrich existing theories and models of behavior change with characteristics focused on the individual/tailoring while taking a group setting into account. Additionally, the focus is also on the process of translating existing theories or models of behavior change to practical technological interventions. As a starting point, it also involves getting a clear picture of the diet/nutrition context of the user (in situ).

Key research question

How can we use the interaction modalities of the Sensory Interactive Table in a way that supports people in social settings in their dietary goals?

How is intermediate knowledge/theory abstracted from the design instances, and how are the design instances grounded in theory/intermediate knowledge?

How does commensality influence dietary habits and how can this be acknowledged in dietary behavior change strategies?

Collaboration partners

TU Delft
Wageningen University & Research
Other departments within the University of Twente