Rúben Gouveia

Rúben Gouveia

University of Twente / Department of Design, Production and Management / Interaction Design


Focus of the project

My work will be focused on designing tools that help individuals explore different sources of health and wellbeing data – such as physical activity, food intake and weight – and evaluating how these tools augment abilities to reflect and to identify opportunities for change – such as eating healthier or becoming more physically active. My work will draw on a lived perspective of the use of these tools, which considers the use of these devices is embedded in their everyday lives and that current tools should be designed, and evaluated, with this reality in mind. Results will contribute to theory about how people reflect and make sense of their personal health data, and more broadly, improved practices for explorations and evaluations of these devices.

Key research questions

How can we design physical activity feedback that help people learn and take action upon their everyday behaviors?

How can we evaluate technologies for behavior change?

Collaboration partners

Partners within 4TU: prof. dr. Bart Verkerke, dr. Geke Ludden