Rúben Gouveia

Rúben Gouveia

University of Twente / Department of Design, Production and Management / Interaction Design


Focus of the project

My goal is to study, design and deploy novel technologies that support people in reflecting, setting and pursuing different health goals. People often approach digital health devices without knowing what goals to set and struggle in expressing their goals. This often leads to the adoption of goals which are misaligned with people’s abilities, which can not only fail to motivate behaviour but can also harm self-integrity and fuel negative mindsets towards these devices.

Key research questions

How can we digital health devices support people in (1) eliciting their health goals, (2) reconcile competing goals and (3) the evolution of goals over time?

Collaboration partners

Partners within 4TU: prof. dr. Bart Verkerke, dr. Geke Ludden